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Oaks Draw January winner

Oaks Draw January winner

Magnus Parker17 Jan - 15:18
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Chairman McKee wins the first prize of the year......however

John McKee scooped the first prize of 2024 after his balls were picked at random following the comprehensive win over Old Wandsworthians last Saturday.

Dizziness with excitement following the win and our position in the league table, John has donated the entire £65 to be added to the bar kitty for the celebrations If when we achieve promotion this season.

Good luck to the 1st XV - keep going!

Please let Declan or Magnus know if anyone wants to join the Oaks draw for £5 a month. You can win £65 a month, 2 half yearly prizes of £200 and 1 annual prize of £1000. Anything left over goes into RRFC funds.

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